Berlin Bravos for Lara Martins

Berlin Bravos for Lara Martins
Posted on 10/12/2017

Lara Martins, Grade 5

Lara is a fifth grade student at Willard Elementary School. Lara transitioned well into her new grade level and immediately impressed her teachers with demonstrating persistence on challenging tasks and assignments. In the classroom, Lara can be described as a focused and determined student. She works hard each day and understands her role as a learner. Lara isn’t
afraid to ask for support when it’s needed and often takes academic risks to extend her understanding of content material.

Lara is also a kind and caring individual. She is a role model to her peers and demonstrates kindness each day as she interacts with classmates. Peers enjoy working with Lara as she is helpful and supportive to her classmates. Lara is responsible, respectful, and a joy to have in class. We are so proud of Lara and all her accomplishments. Congratulations!

Lara Martins