The Board of Education has three standing committees. These committees are: Student Achievement; Communications; and Educational Resources. Each committee is composed of three Board members appointed by the Board president, with each member serving on one committee.

BOE Committee Assignments 2018-19

Student Achievement Committee

The Student Achievement Committee is responsible for reviewing and overseeing appropriate metrics to evaluate student, staff and district performance. The responsibilities of this committee include:

a) work with the administration concerning the development of appropriate measures and metrics for all areas of district, school and student performance

b) work with the administration concerning the development, establishment and maintenance of a program for curriculum review

c) actively participate in the review, evaluation, and development of the district's curriculum

d) primary responsibility for the development and review of the Board and superintendent evaluation processes

Reference: BOE Policy 9001

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is primarily responsible for the alignment of all constituencies with regard to the district's Continuous Improvement goals. The responsibilities of this committee include:

a) developing and maintaining a system-wide engagement and communication plan

b) monitoring of the effectiveness of communications, citizen involvement and community awareness of Berlin's schools and their goals

c) keeping abreast of current educational information and best practices relating to continuous improvement and student achievement

Reference: BOE Policy 9001

Educational Resources Committee

The focus of the Educational Resources Committee is to obtain and manage the resources that are needed to increase the district's capacity to lead, teach, and learn. The responsibilities of this committee include:

a) monitoring of metrics to ensure that district resources are utilized effectively, efficiently, and equitably to improve student achievement

b) work with the superintendent of schools and director of business operations regarding the development of the district's annual budget

c) monitor community demographic information and facility usage to ensure a safe and optimal learning environment

Reference: BOE Policy 9001