Data Privacy

Berlin Public Schools cultivates 21st century skills toward success in a global society by engaging students in rigorous academic, social, and civic responsibilities. While developing a technology integrated curriculum, Berlin has taken steps to protect student data and privacy in compliance with both Federal and State legislation. TheFamily Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)is federal legislation designed to protect the privacy of student education records. In addition, as of October 1, 2016, all new contracts must also adhere to Connecticut State Law, Public Act 16-189.

Berlin Public Schools Policies related to data privacy:

  • 4118.5-R Employees' Use of District Computer Systems - Regulations
  • 5131.81 Use of Private Technology (BYOD) Devices by Students
  • 5131.83-R Student Use of the District's Computer Systems and Internet Safety - Regulations
  • 5131.83 Student Use of the District's Computer Systems and Internet Safety
  • 6161.11 Selection of Instructional Materials - Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials

Berlin Public Schools will use this page to communicate information related to PA16-189.As contracts are renewed in accordance with Connecticut legislation, they will be added below. Click on a service's name to view their privacy policy, or on the contract notice for additional information.


School Messenger: Emergency notification service, website hosting, mobile app hosting. [CONTRACT NOTICE]

TextHelp, Ltd.: Assistive technology solutions for reading, writing and language learning. [CONTRACT NOTICE]

Reading A-Z, RazKids (LAZEL, Inc): Interactive computer-based books, quizzes, and leveled reading resources. [CONTRACT NOTICE]

OdysseyWare: Distance learning platform for use in a web browser with various district departments. [CONTRACT NOTICE]

Fast ForWord (Scientific Learning): Evidence-based language and reading intervention program that uses a unique 3-step approach to deliver fast learning gains. [CONTRACT NOTICE]