Congratulations to David Sirois, Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to David Sirois, Teacher of the Year
Posted on 09/06/2017

David Sirois

Congratulations to Mr. David Sirois, Willard Elementary School’s Teacher of the
Year. Mr. Sirois began teaching in Berlin over twenty years ago and has served as a Physical Education Teacher in many of the Berlin Public Schools. Currently, Mr.
Sirois is serving as a Physical Education Teacher at Willard Elementary School.
Throughout his day, Mr. Sirois works with students in grades PreK-5. During this
time, Mr. Sirois ensures that students are consistently engaged and participate in
purposeful learning tasks and activities. Students discover the importance of
teamwork, collaboration, and perseverance. Additionally, students learn about
making healthy life choices and the need to engage in daily physical activity.
Students at Willard Elementary School enjoy attending P.E. class with Mr. Sirois due to his efforts to ensure that all students feel valued and respected. Furthermore, students feel supported when taking risks and know that Mr. Sirois will be there to help them improve their personal skills and abilities. Mr. Sirois’ kind and warm demeanor make his an educator that is easy to talk and loved by all students and staff.

Mr. Sirois earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from Eastern
Connecticut State University and a Master’s Degree in School Health Education from Southern Connecticut State University. Additionally, Mr. Sirois enjoys new learning and hearing about programs, concepts, and lesson ideas that may support his students and their overall learning and application. Mr. Sirois isn’t afraid to try something new or alter a plan to ensure student success and enjoyment. Congratulations to Mr. Sirois on receiving this well deserved honor. The staff, students, and community of Willard Elementary School are fortunate to work with such a dedicated and committed educator.