CAPSS Awards Presented to CJ Riccitelli and Samantha Dunn

CAPSS Awards Presented to CJ Riccitelli and Samantha Dunn
Posted on 12/06/2017

CJ Riccitelli

Congratulations to our first recipient of the CAPSS award, CJ Riccitelli. I have had the pleasure of knowing CJ for the last five years. In this time, he has proven to be a dedicated, caring, and hardworking student. He is mindful in completing academic tasks and challenges himself to learn and grow as a student. In addition to being a strong academic student, CJ is a kind and caring young man. He is thoughtful, considerate, and respectful to all individuals he comes into contact with. He is a good friend to his classmates and model student when it comes to behavior. CJ stands out at Willard because he is a leader who isn’t afraid to ask questions, make mistakes, take risks, and make difficult decisions. A little more about CJ would include that his favorite subject is math and his favorite special is PE. In the future, he wants to pursue a career in the NFL. In his free time, CJ likes to play sports and when asking CJ about his dreams for the future, he shared that he wants to be a famous NFL player. For those of us who know CJ, he can and will do it!

We are proud of all he has accomplished and the person he has become! Congratulations, CJ Riccitelli!

Samantha Dunn

Congratulations to our second recipient of the CAPSS award, Samantha Dunn. I have known Sam for the last five years and in this time she has stood out as a bright and enthusiastic learner. Within the classroom, Sam is motivated and
hardworking. She sets high standards for herself and always accomplishes and exceeds her goals. Sam take her academic responsibilities seriously and because of this mindset, has made strong, positive gains within the classroom. Sam is also a
good friend to her classmates and peers. She is a kind individual and is always willing to lend a helping hand. She is a
true role model here at Willard Elementary School and consistently demonstrates behaviors of an exemplary student. We know we can always count on Sam to do the right thing and do it for the right reasons! A little more about Sam would include that her favorite subject is math and her favorite special is art. When she grows up, she wants to be a Pediatric Endocrinologist and help individuals with diabetes. In her free time, Sam likes to play golf and a dream she has for the future would be to one day have an opportunity to explore different parts of the world.

We are so proud of all that Sam has accomplished! Congratulations, Sam Dunn!

Riccitelli and Dunn