Berlin Bravos for London Mason and McKayla DeJesus

Berlin Bravos for London Mason and McKayla DeJesus
Posted on 03/19/2018

London transitioned to us from Alabama. She made friends quickly because of her kind and caring disposition. She has worked diligently to make progress in all academic areas. London’s family has been instrumental in her success by actively supporting her educational goals at home. Her parents read with her each night, practice sight words, play extra math games, and complete multiple school projects. This has proven to help London out tremendously and has propelled her confidence. She has a positive attitude towards school and is an active participant in her learning process. She is a great example of a student who demonstrates persistence on a daily basis. She always tries her very best and encourages her classmates to do the same. She is certainly deserving of a Berlin Bravo award due to her hard work, her character, and her ability to make others around her happy. She is always smiling and has been an excellent role model for her peers. We are very thankful London is now part of our Willard community.

Berlin Bravo Student Name: McKayla DeJesus

McKayla has demonstrated significant academic and social growth since the start of third grade. She works hard each day, which is evident in her many successes so far this school year. Specifically, she has grown 4 reading levels since September. McKayla has worked diligently on improving her decoding of unknown words while she reads. McKayla has also raised her reading comprehension by providing specific details from her reading into her oral and written responses. When it comes to math, McKayla is always up for a challenge. She will not stop until she solves a mathematical problem or equation the best way she can. It is a pleasure to watch McKayla work on math tasks because she does not become frustrated, or give up. McKayla is seen as a role model to several of her peers. Her hard work and determination is what helps her peers work towards their own daily academic and social goals. McKayla’s positive attitude allows her to achieve any goal she sets for herself.

MaKayla DeJesus