Berlin Bravos for Dawn Niles and Ryan Sambitsky

Berlin Bravos for Dawn Niles and Ryan Sambitsky
Posted on 05/16/2018

Staff Member – Dawn Niles, Instructional Paraprofessional
Nominating Staff Member – Dara Flom, Grade 1
Dawn Niles is currently serving as an Instructional Paraprofessional working in the math department at Willard Elementary School. Dawn was hired last summer and eagerly joined the Berlin Public Schools. Each day, Dawn supports students in various grade levels and works closely with them to support individual learning needs. A big part of Dawn’s job includes providing students with Tier II and Tier III interventions. During this time, Dawn works with students on foundational skills, fact fluency, and provides instruction to students who need re-teaching and small group support. Dawn is keen with data and understands how to collect and use data to support individual student learning needs. The relationships that Dawn has developed and maintained with her students are positive and have allowed her to encourage students to
invest in making progress and demonstrating success. The staff at Willard Elementary School sees Dawn as a colleague,
partner, and friend. Dawn is always willing to lend support to a staff member in need, substitute in a classroom, and do
whatever she can to ensure that the staff at Willard feels supported. We are truly blessed to have Dawn at Willard Elementary School and look forward to seeing her growth as an educator in the years ahead.

Student Name– Ryan Sambitsky, Grade K
Nominating Staff Member – Ali Curran, Special Education Teacher
Ryan is a great candidate for a Berlin Bravo! Ryan comes to school each day with a smile on his face and ready to work.
Ryan enthusiastically greets adults and peers throughout his school day. Ryan has made a wonderful transition to
kindergarten. Each day, Ryan perseveres through his work with a positive attitude and drive to succeed. Ryan continues to grow in the area of becoming flexible and accepting last minute changes in his daily schedule. Ryan is a great role model to his peers and consistently demonstrates all aspects of Willard Pride. We are so lucky to be able to watch Ryan’s progress and love for learning! Bravo, Ryan!

Berlin Bravos Group Photo